Novague Flowerpot

How it happened...

We approached the leading Czech designer Petr Novague. We had already had experience with him from other projects and we knew that we chose well. Yet, there were moments of anxious waiting for the first drafts of flowerpots.
The excitement that occurred at infinite browsing through twenty proposals from the hand of this world master was replaced with careful production preparation.
Let us introduce you to a new collection of flowerpots from the Novague series

Who is Petr Novague

He has earned his position through a number of awards at international design competitions.
He is a double winner of the Red Dot Award. Currently he exhibits his designs worldwide, cooperates with leading Czech and foreign companies and passes his experience to students.
"Cooperation with Kasper is great, in the production they professionally managed all the intricacies that I had set up for them ..."



Nature deal with it splendidly.

Unrepeatable shape, straight lines, resistance. All this is associated with a diamond.

We could not find a more appropriate symbol linking Petr Novague design with the precision of the KASPER brand.

Aluminium flowerpot Diamond is available in two sizes and three colours.


If the Eiffel Tower had straight legs, it would be so boring ...

... often just a small detail is enough to create a masterpiece.

Triangle comes in two sizes and three colours. LED light directed at the flowerpot combined with the robust shape of the pot creates an unrepeatable solitaire.



Untamed element

Down with commonly used partitions. Define your space in an elegant way!

Wave was designed in order to introduce original design to public spaces. Align 10 pieces in one line. Backlight directed to the ground will highlight a touch of luxury in this setting.

It is also suitable for smaller woody plants.


It is simply sexy. Give it space and it will reward you. Each day a different view, elegant curves, perfect processing.

Let it stand alone for a while and look for the right place. Maybe you will discover that you need to have another one. But be sure that in the Drop flowerpot anything will look great from all sides.

Drop flowerpot is suitable for smaller plants.